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Five Basic Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons for Women

The single sure way to defend yourself at all times is to weaponize the objects in your handbag or pocket. It’s simpler than ever to disguise non-lethal self defense weapons that aren’t recognized until you’re actually striking.

Keep in mind that your main goal is to survive. Here are five great ways to catch your attacker by surprise:Below are five of the best ways to catch your assailant off guard: The following are five effective methods of catching your offender off guard:

Stun Gun

Stun guns are affordable weapons created easier to conceal in your bag as if they were a daily item. And they’re quite potent: a stun gun that looks like a lipstick case can send millions of volts into your attacker’s body, while a larger one can send even more. Make sure to read up on your state’s laws on stun guns, however – they’re not always legal to carry or use.


Personal alarms weren’t generally believed to be effective deterrence to physical attacks, but technology has entered the picture and revolutionized them. Imagine around 130 decibels. It’ll undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention in the vicinity! Personal protection has penetrated your app store as well, and although the alarms on those apps will not be equally loud, they are equipped with the added ability to inform people on social media about the incident.

Pepper Spray / Mace

This is the most fundamental representation of female self defense weapons, easily capable of blinding an aggressor long enough for the attacked to get away. What’s even better is that technology has significantly upgraded the delivery output: they’re low-priced, durably and portable, and could be designed to look like a daily day-to-day item in your bag (for example, a lipstick case). A huge pepper spray will provide you close to 20 shots with a range of 10 to 12 feet, although this can go as far as 18 feet. They’ll have a shelf life between three and five years, which makes it a real bargain.


The high-tension plastics in tactical keychains may also apply that brass knuckle effect to almost every part of the body.

Monkey Ball

Imagine a long nylon cord that has a seemingly insignificant ball of yarn hanging from one end. It appears to be something your kitten would be interested in. Called a Monkey Ball, this one-inch piece of pure steel can be looped to your belt or keychain and knock an assailant out with only a single flick of the user’s wrist. This allows you to stun your attacker before he even knows what’s hit him. Tactical Pen Lastly, an attack pen is a lot like a tactical knife in that it can be conveniently camouflaged. Tactical pens, in fact, work perfectly for writing, and that means your aggressor will not think for a second that you’re armed with something beyond a ballpoint. This clever weapon can make a deep hole, so if you’re in extremely close range, this couldn’t be better.

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