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Learn About Secondary Air Injection Systems

The secondary air injection system is considered to be part of the exhaust system. You are bound to hear people in a number of forums claim that secondary air injection systems are not needed for a car to run efficiently but you should ignore these statements since they are not true. There is need to understand that everything in your car is there for a reason, especially the secondary air injection system. Ensure that you do not allow yourself to be convinced otherwise.

The secondary air injection system requires very little maintenance throughout its use. When you notice that your air injection system is faulty, ensure that you take your car to the nearest mechanic since this is not something you can fix on your own. You will know your system is faulty when you hear a whistling noise in your engine during cold starting. Through this article, you will learn about a secondary air injection system and the reasons why it is vital in all cars.

The first benefit of the secondary air injection system is that it greatly reduces the amount of harmful substance that your car releases into the air. There is need to understand that there is no engine that works with a hundred percent efficiency.

It is important to note that an engine cannot burn all the fuel in your car and convert it to power, there is always a small portion that is not converted, known as hydrocarbons. There are a number of factors that lead to this, namely the condition of your car, driving conditions and variations in fuel quality. Without a secondary air injection system, these hydrocarbons would be released into the surrounding with exhaust gases. Because of the toxic nature of hydrocarbons, they ought to be burned as much as possible because burned fuel is less toxic. The secondary air injection system ensures that this is what happens. You therefore get to ensure that there is no air pollution.

Many lack to see the need for the secondary air injection system because no extra power is gotten from the burning of the hydrocarbons but it is important to realize that it is very person’s duty to ensure that the environment is clean and one way of doing this is ensuring that your car has this system. To ensure that you are on the right side of the law, you ought to ensure that your car, no matter the type has the secondary air injection system so as to ensure that you do not exceed the emission standards provided by the Government. It is imperative to have your car’s secondary air injection system in good condition for the sake of your environment.

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